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Scottish Super Welterweight Champion  Thai Boxer, Mescho Dunko’s dream of one day owning his own full time martial arts facility, became a reality in 2009 when he seized the opportunity to take over an abandoned spray shop within a rural corner of Waterside.


In what were definitely humble surroundings, he started to teach local youngsters the art of Muay Thai (Thai boxing) a sport with which he had fallen in love with years earlier.


M-MAG, Kirkintillochs first dedicated martial arts gym under the guidance of chief instructor Mescho, has in its existence gone from strength to strength and in 2011 seen it move from the old spray shop in Waterside, to a fabulous newly refurbished 3000sq ft. facility closer to the town centre.


Located in Old Mill Park Industrial Estate (behind McNair’s & Abba Blinds), M-MAG now occupies a two-storey, custom designed building with all of the facilities required to satisfy the aspiring martial artist.


Downstairs is the reception area, toilets and access to the boxing room.  This fully matted gymnasium features a boxing ring, speedball, floor to ceiling ball and various hands and kicking pads, while upstairs there is a further matted studio area, cardiovascular suite, strength and conditioning area, separate free weights room and male/female changing rooms.  Additionally the new M-MAG has a well-stocked shop retailing: Boxing Gloves, Shin guards, Muay Thai Shorts, T-shirts, Hoodies, Wraps and anklets as well as Energy Drinks, Recovery Drinks and Bottled Water.


Already there is a busy schedule of classes including Muay Thai, Boot Camps, Circuit Training, Kick Boxing & Russian Systema.  We have classes for kids from 7-11 years old & 11-15 years,  dedicated classes for Teenagers , Beginers & Ladys only (Taught by a female instructor), we also have private training avalible for general fitness/Mauy Thai.


A combination of in-house instructors and frequent guest instructors, ensures that class content never becomes stagnant.


To mark the opening of Kirkintilloch’s newest full time Martial Arts centre … some very special guests were invited. 


Firstly, the new gym was officially opened by two Thai Buddhist Monks from the Wat Dhammapadipa temple in Edinburgh.  This ancient and time honoured tradition of local monks blessing a new business is common practice in Thailand and it is believed that the combined chants of the temple monks can chase away evil spirits making it easier for a business to prosper.



Later that day, the gym was visited by two current and reigning World Champion fighters from the Bad Company gym in Leeds, England … Superstars Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson conducted a two hour seminar which was enjoyed by all who attended.


Now into a new year, 2014 is never a better time to start thinking about taking up a new hobby.  Perhaps your motivation is to get fitter, lose weight, gain confidence or even to learn how to defend yourself … a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere awaits you at the all new M-MAG gym, Kirkintilloch.  YOUR FIRST LESSON IS FREE!  Many Classes are half price January & February


So, come along and give it a try, just bring a pair of shorts or comfortable jogging trousers, a bottle of water and most importantly -





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